Why Do I See Mice In My House During Winter?

Seeing mice darting here or there in your home is not a way to feel comfortable when the temperatures plummet outdoors. Below are a few reasons you are more likely to deal with mice indoors during the winter months.

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Your House is Warm

Just as you like to go inside your home and seek out the heat to warm up from the cold temperatures outdoors, mice enjoy the warmth too. You will begin to see more mice activity in the home if you have openings that allow them entrance. It can be holes as small as an inch in diameter that allows mice to come inside.

Your House is Dry

Winter months typically bring days of rain and snow that mice want to seek shelter from. Your garage, basement and interior parts of the house are perfect alternatives to outdoors. You need to close off openings to these areas before the weather turns bad each year.

Your House Has Food and Bedding Material

Clothing, pillows, towels, paper towels, cardboard, and carpeting are all perfect materials for mice to chew and make soft bedding materials. Your kitchen and anywhere snacks are dropped unnoticed are the perfect source of food. Your home is a place that any mouse would find a comfortable place to live until the weather gets warm once again.

Seek Professional Pest Control

If you see one mouse in your home, there are usually more. Bring in professional Staten Island exterminators Get rid of rodents to eliminate the chance of disease and having items destroyed.

If mice are a problem in your home due to the colder weather, it’s time to bring in expert help to get them under control. You don’t want them to begin breeding and taking over.