Try these Hot Trends in Your Bathroom Remodel

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Are you considering a bathroom remodel and are interested in implementing the latest trends into your project? Bathroom trends have evolved over the years, as people strive to create the ultimate relaxing experience. Before you begin planning out your remodel, here are some of the latest trends to consider when you renovate your bathroom.  

Bold Tubs

Tubs are going bold in every way, and you can’t go wrong with making the tub the focal point of your bathroom. Other deign trends include opulent black tubs with elegant hardware such as brushed gold shower heads, deep soaking tubs to create the ultimate bathing experience, and free-standing options for a fun, retro look. When you’re beginning your bathroom remodeling St Charles MO, decide what type of tub best fits your needs and personality and use that as your starting point. 

Interesting Tile 

While you can’t go wrong with a classic, white subway tile, people are opting to change things up by implementing different shapes into their tile design choices. You can find hexagonal shapes and bold, patterned tile that will add some interest to your bathroom. If you’re not interested in tiling your bathroom, wainscoting is a bold choice for your walls and will give it an elegant feeling. 

Large Mirrors

Most bathrooms are small, and if you want to make yours feel larger than it is the trick is to use mirrors to your advantage. Mirrors reflect light and can make a smaller room feel much larger than it is. When it comes to bathroom mirrors, the larger the better, so find one that takes up a lot of space to reflect the most light. 

Finishing Touches

Some finishing touches, such as polished bronze or bold brass, can tie the room together and make your bathroom look stylish. Instead of traditional silver finishes, try something bold to give your bathroom an interesting appeal. 

With the right look, your bathroom can feel chic and elegant. Try these trends out in your remodel and enjoy the beautiful finished product.