The Most Recommended Japanese Style House Inspiration

Having a house with a design from another country will always be interesting. Especially with the buildings that are typical of the country. For example, Japan, this country has a typical house building both exterior and interior. A minimalist Japanese house is a design that is said to be able to combine traditional and modern looks very well.

Japan is very famous in the realm of architecture, no wonder Japanese houses even though they seem minimalist still have good quality. If you are interested in Japanese-style houses, you can find out what Japanese-style house inspirations are which have been summarized below:
Wood Accent
Cement Material
Eco Friendly
Concrete Box
Gandare House
With Pool
Contemporary Sloping Roof

Wooden Accent Japanese Style House

This Japanese-style wooden house aims at clean air surrounded by gardens. This is a unique Japanese heritage house. Not only that, for the Japanese-style house model, wood accents provide residents with simple and practical comfort. A Japanese-style house with wooden accents is equipped with a garden if your land area is sufficient.
The Japanese accent that radiates is even stronger and more beautiful for its residents. Japanese style house with wood accents gives a warm feel in a dwelling. If you’re looking for a Japanese-style residence with wood accents, find a choice of residences in Bali for under IDR 2 billion here!

Japanese Style Cement House

Although it looks simple, if you pay close attention, the facade of this house has a unique texture and makes it look different. With a very modern appearance, this residence also does not apply the walls of a Japanese house which are usually made of special paper. Even so, you can still feel the comfort of a Japanese house based on the choice of dominant wood materials.

Eco Friendly Japanese Style House

Japanese culture is closely related to love and respect for nature. The best way to strengthen the relationship with nature is to bring nature into the concept of the house. Japanese houses generally place typical plants in the house such as bonsai or bamboo. You can place Japanese plants in the house as an interior decoration of natural elements.

Japanese Style Concrete Box House

Inspired by the works of Tadao Andi, a couple from Houston, Texas built their dream concrete house. The combination of traditional and modern designs can be seen from the ratio of materials made of wood and concrete. Even though it looks like a modern house, you can still see the Japanese touch in this house, right?

Gandare House Japanese Style House

Although it looks not as wide as the house beside it, Gandara House looks striking with an impressive facade. Although the outside looks modern, the use of wood materials that are very thick with Japanese style can be found in the interior. In addition, one aspect that makes this house look comfortable to live in is the perfect natural lighting in the room.

Modern Japanese Style House

In addition to the exterior, the interesting thing about modern Japanese houses is the interior that combines traditional concepts. If you are interested in Japanese-style design, especially in the interior, then the use of tatami or lesehan can be the right choice.
A room with a Japanese-style concept or washitsu is identical to this one element. Tatami creates a neat and traditional impression in the family room, to create a more homey atmosphere.

Box Japanese Style House

Some houses in Japan are on a hill, like this box house built on a hill. It is a simple house that focuses on useful areas with plenty of room enough for the members of the house.

Japanese Style House with a Pool

The sound of the roaring water can create a meditative atmosphere that provides a calming effect. The pool as a complement to this Japanese-style house can provide tranquility in rhythm with the adopted zen concept.

Contemporary Sloping Roof Japanese Style House

Contemporary design house with glass. Both the glass doors and windows of this house are clear and sunlight has been transplanted. Including a sloping roof can help drain rainwater. This house was designed by the architects very well.