Rain Chains Add Decorative Peace of Mind and Security to Homes

Inspired by Japanese outdoor architecture and decor, rain chains offer a decorative flair to homes while helping to transport rain water downward from rooftop gutters that is then captured in a drain or storage system that is effective, such as a rain barrel. Rain chains come in varies styles and forms, with some just being chains that are linked to flow water from the gutter, to others that are composed of cups with carved holes at the bottom that are linked together by chains hanging vertically to the ground. Weighing around 5-10 pounds they can often be seen attached to gutters hanging where the normal downspout would be secured by ornate bowls that create a pretty water pattern upon release, or as previously stated, an effective storage system.

Rain chains are also used in conjunction with or to replace downspouts, which are vertical pieces of sheet metal or composite tubing that assist gutters with water disposal from rain. Downspouts, although effective for water removal during storms, are often unattractive in appearance and can sometimes add pressure to storm drains as well. Offering visible beauty of the rain flowing in a vertical pattern, as well as relaxing rhythmic sound of nature flowing from bells that can be attached, rain chains are the perfect combination of functionality and beauty. They are available in various materials including metal, with copper rain chains being an additional option with cooper rain chains being known for its shiny design features and the weathered look it takes on over time. Rain chains are wonderful compliments to relaxing areas of the home such as front yard or backyard patios or porches. Neighbors and potential buyers alike will not help but notice the attractive curb appeal rain chains will offer to a home during dry or wet seasons.

Rain chains work best in areas that are not prone to heavy winds and rains and also have roofs that have a three-foot eave, which is the part of the roof that meets or overhangs the walls of the home. Consulting with a professional is suggested regarding design needs and proper installation to ensure water is correctly draining to eliminate pooling around the foundation of the home. Large amounts of sitting water unfortunately can contribute to damaged foundations and cracking. Pooling water can also contribute to damage in green space with sogginess and muddiness. Not to mention the damage excessive moisture can cause to basements with mold and mildew. That can easily add up to unwanted, expensive bills. Therefore, rain chains are a great solution to resolve this potential dilemma, with easy installation and low maintenance that will not break the budget. Selecting from copper to metal rain chains was never been easier with options that offer consumers more cost-effective choices than traditional gutter and downspout designs. Combined with an effective gutter system and the additional installation of downspouts, especially suggested if living in high rain fall areas, rain chains bring peace of mind and home security.