How to Prepare a Home for Hurricanes

In recent years, storm surges have become more powerful than ever. For those that live in coastal areas prone to hurricane damage, these effects have started to become more and more visible. Homes along the eastern seaboard are now taking many precautions to keep their homes as safe as possible, with some residents even building their homes so high above sea level that innovative cargo elevators are installed. Take a look at some of these other helpful ways to keep a home safe from hurricanes. 

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When it comes to high winds, there’s only so much that can be done to protect the most vulnerable parts of a home: the windows and doors. These should definitely be a priority for that reason. Many homeowners choose to invest in more reinforced windows, while others purchase professional boarding equipment and more intense shutters. Additionally, stronger doors are a worthy investment. While some of these options might seem more costly in the moment, they save a home more damage in the long run. For example, paying for a more intense door into the home or a reinforced garage door can later prevent flooding, which is a much larger issue that requires more time to handle.

For those willing to undergo a bit more invasive of an investment, some people are installing hurricane straps. These are pieces of reinforced steel that secure the walls of a home to the rafters themselves. This, of course, is much more costly, but can make a significant difference. 


The best way to protect a home when it comes to the exterior is to keep a yard as free of debris as possible. Landscaping to remove larger branches or weak trees that high winds could pull into a home can make a big difference. Even smaller pieces can do damage when being carried by high winds, so take stock of a yard before a major storm. With these tips, a home will be safer than ever before.