Flooring in Winnipeg: Advantages of Using Solid Hardwood Flooring

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More property owners are turning to hardwood flooring materials for their houses. Some prefer the vintage look of wood over tile or carpet, while others like this material because it is easier to maintain and clean. The question still remains, which is better: hardwood floors, tile, or carpet? 

Today, we will take a closer look at wood floors, as well as why people should consider this material over other types available in the market today. Listed below are reasons why property owners would benefit from using hardwood floors in their homes.

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Enhance the look of the property

Wood floors can add some elegance to the house, as well as a bit of comfort and warmth. A lot of property owners believe that having these materials even makes the space looks bigger. Whether it makes the house feel more inviting to guests depends on the décor, but it is an easy way to make an excellent first impression.

Easy to clean and low maintenance

Hardwoods are pretty easy to clean. They can be steam-cleaned, vacuumed, or swept to remove debris and dirt accumulated over time. Imagine not having cleaners or cleaning by yourself very often while knowing that the floor does not harbor environmental dangers like pet dander or dust mites. What makes this material easy to maintain is the fact that it is a lot more stain-resistant compared to its counterparts, like tiles or carpets? If they spill food or drinks, all they need to do is wipe them with a clean kitchen towel.

Durable and strong

Being durable, is one of the reasons why property owners choose them over carpets or tiles. This material is very easy to maintain because of its durability. They get dented or scratched, but it will take a very hard material to scratch or dent them. If you take good care of the wood floor properly, the hard surface can last for at least a decade.

Adds value to the property

These materials can add value to the house. When it comes for owners to sell their house, buyers will pay more for a home with hardwood floors compared to tiled or carpeted ones. A lot of people buying a house would not want carpet, especially if it was somebody else’s carpet. 

They see this as a petri dish for bacteria and allergens that may provoke dangerous diseases or allergies. Most buyers plan on replacing them, which is why people will pay more for houses that already have wood floors. Since it is a sought-after feature, these materials may even help homeowners sell their homes faster.

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Good air quality

Unlike carpets, wood floors do not trap animal dander, dust, pollen, dirt, common allergens, or particulate matter. It means that it is a lot easier to improve the indoor air quality of the house. These materials are usually a must for individuals that suffer from allergies. 

Wood floors are a lot better than laminate or tiles when it comes to air quality, even though laminates and tiles don’t have fibers that carpets have. But these two have grout lines, as well as embossing. These embossing and grout lines are a good place for allergens and dust to settle.

It looks good in almost all décor theme

One of the main benefits of this material is its versatility and flexibility to adapt to most interior design themes in the house. No matter how often people are inspired to change their mirrors, decorative accents, wall arts, or other decors in their houses, floors will always fit and look good to their desired theme. 

Not only that, the flooring will not clash with the decor; flooring Winnipeg firms can offer a wide variety of shades, species, and colors to choose from. With good and real hardwood, people do not get factory patterns that repeat so often. They readily bring natural beauty with different shades, grains, and swirls that add more character to the house.

Cost-effective and long-lasting

These things are very easy to maintain, provide good air quality, as well as pretty durable. But it is more expensive compared to tiles and carpets. Depending on the other materials property owners are considering, it may be a more costly option to buy. But there are a couple of factors people need to consider.

Think about the long-term cost – These things are less likely to get damaged, as well as a lot easier to clean and maintain. It will minimize the homeowner’s repair and cleaning costs in the long run. Not only that, since hardwood is very durable, it can last for many generations. Its long-lasting quality makes this thing a cost-effective floor option. It may be more expensive upfront, but it will save people a lot of money in the long run.