Decorating Tips to Make You Fall in Love With Your Room

A living room, like any room in a home, is susceptible to feeling tired and worn. Since the living room is often one of the most seen rooms in a house, it may be time for an update. Personal style and trendy design are always changing, but keeping your living space in vogue doesn’t have to mean a costly remodel.

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Give New Life to Permanent Furniture

Built-in furniture can be something to overcome when redecorating your living room. Fireplaces and built-in bookshelves cannot easily be changed without a costly overhaul, but updating a few details can refresh the look. Get a decorative fire screen for the fireplace, and paint or refinish the mantle. Add a stylish backdrop to built-in bookshelves. A pop of color or a bold pattern will completely change the look of the shelves.

Embrace Colors and Patterns

Update your look with fresh paint. Paint an accent wall with a bold color. Create drama with stencils or graphic wallpaper. Get a unique look by painting window trim. Consider stepping outside the box and paint the ceiling or floors. Paint and wallpaper can create a significant change in the feel of any room without requiring a large budget or a significant amount of time.

Round Out Your Style

Complete your design by updating your furniture and adding accents. Instead of replacing your existing furniture, considering painting or reupholstering. If reupholstering your furniture is not an option, stylish slipcovers can be made or purchased to give new life to old furniture. Replace lampshades to change the ambiance and add style. Add accent pillows, a gallery wall, and a new rug to round everything out.

With some creativity and a little planning, making a few changes to your living room can completely overhaul the design and style. Once your room makeover is complete, it is easy to continue to update your style. Add and replace furniture and decoration as you come across new items you love.