4 Tricks to Create a Luxury Bedroom in the style of a Starry Hotel

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Comfortable rooms do not always have to have large space. Spacious rooms can indeed make it easier for you to put things in place without the hassle, or confusion. But that does not mean that rooms with limited size cannot be luxurious and comfortable.

The hotel room is arguably a tangible manifestation of a small room design that is consistent in decorating the room emphasizing efficiency and comfort for its users. Not only is it able to make use of the small space efficiently by considering convenience, but the hotel is also able to make it so beautiful and luxurious.

Indeed, with limited sized bedrooms you need to think harder to create a luxurious and comfortable bedroom as a place to rest. However, hotel rooms have proven that even bedrooms with minimal space can be luxurious and comfortable right. Let’s see some tricks!

  1. Selection of furniture

Bedrooms with minimal space will certainly not be sufficient if filled with a lot of furniture. But of course you can outsmart it by choosing multifunctional furniture, which has more than one function.

For example like a bed that has a drawer on the bottom. There are drawers that you can function as a place to put your bedding, such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. You can also put your clothes on, or as a place to store your collection of books, magazines and trinkets. Thus, we no longer need large cabinets or bookshelves.

In choosing a wardrobe, you can choose a cabinet with a sliding door or sliding door. Besides being more concise, you also don’t need to provide space to open the wardrobe door.


  1. Arrangement

Besides putting your things on the floor, you can also use the space on the wall by arranging them vertically. Organizing furniture vertically can help in saving space while giving the impression of a more spacious room.

The color you choose for your bedroom also plays an important role in building the atmosphere of your bedroom. Like the use of white, in addition to creating a clean and bright impression, it can also create wider effects for the bedroom. The use of dark colors can also help create a more dramatic atmosphere for your bedroom. In fact, it can make you sleep better.

  1. Lighting

Too much light in your bedroom can interfere with sleep comfort. But, of course there are many other activities carried out in the bedroom besides resting. One of them is reading a book. Well, even the lack of light can make your other activities disturb.

For a limited size bedroom, you can use a bedroom lamp with a type of ceiling lamp or chandelier. In addition to the use of lights mounted on the ceiling does not make the room too crowded, the lighting system is evenly distributed throughout the room. Of course you can choose the type that can display the luxury of your bedroom.


  1. Visual effects

You can also create the illusion of a larger room in a narrow room. Like the use of curtains that are installed higher than the window frame, and the installation of wallpaper walls with thin stripe motifs that have wide distances. Both of these methods can help give a higher room effect in the bedroom.

The use of geometric motifs can also provide interesting visual effects in small spaces. The choice of a combination of black and white can create a modern and dramatic impression.