4 Natural Remedies That People Are Talking About

Home Remedies That Work

Herbal medicine is far from a new trend. However, it is definitely one that has become more popular over the past several years. When you consider the growing scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of many popular home remedies, it is no wonder more people are embracing them. Here are four popular herbal remedies that people are relying on to address common health concerns. 

1. Hemp and CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

There has been quite a bit of buzz about how CBD and other hemp-based cannabinoids can help reduce pain. Early research studies are encouragingly supportive. By disrupting the pain signals sent to the brain, CBD oil Washington DC stops pain at its source instead of masking it. That makes it a great, non-addictive alternative to opioid pain killers for the long term treatment of chronic pain. 

2. Elderberry To Help Fight Colds and the Flu

People have been using elderberries to treat colds and viruses for centuries. In the past several years, the use of syrups and lozenges made with the fruit has gained in popularity. It has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms in several small studies. You can purchase premade products or make your own

3. Turmeric to Reduce Inflammation

This bright yellow spice is a powerful anti-inflammatory thanks to its high concentration of curcumin. You can add it to foods for a burst of flavor and color, take a supplement or use topical turmeric essential oil products to get the benefits. 

4. Ginger for Digestive Support

There is probably not a more popular natural option than ginger for relieving digestive upset or nausea. With its sweet and spicy flavor, ginger can be used in a wide array of dishes. In food isn’t the only way to get ginger, either. It is also available in teas, candies and supplements. 

There are dozens of herbal remedies that have been used to address common health issues. Remember that they are still medicines so, be sure to talk with your doctor about adding them to your diet if you have a preexisting health condition.