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Posts published in February 2019

Why Do I See Mice In My House During Winter?

Seeing mice darting here or
there in your home is not a way to feel comfortable when the temperatures
plummet outdoors. Below are a few
you are more likely to deal with mice indoors during the winter

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Your House is Warm

Just as you like to go inside
your home and seek out the heat to warm up from the cold temperatures outdoors,
mice enjoy the warmth too. You will begin to see more mice activity in the home
if you have openings that allow them entrance. It can be holes as small as an
inch in diameter that allows mice to come inside.

Your House is Dry

Winter months typically bring
days of rain and snow that mice want to seek shelter from. Your garage,
basement and interior parts of the house are perfect alternatives to outdoors.
You need to close off openings to these areas before … Read more

UA Local 669

Local ContractorsGetting a brand new roof is a big job. Let’s face it, it isn’t everyday, each week or every year that you’ve a new roof put on your private home, it is one thing that you probably do once a decade or once each twenty years. Getting a brand new roof on your private home is a huge job, and it is one thing that you really want achieved right.

Keep in thoughts that some contractors are a one man operation they usually is likely to be on trip. Some contractors don’t reply their phones over the week ends or after enterprise hours. So don’t sink the ship to fast. Yes, part-time roofers may give you a cheaper price however as time goes on, you will get the sort of work you’ve paid for. Many of those that resolve merely on the price discover themselves spending extra in the long … Read more

How To Patch Large Holes In Drywall

Drywall PatchThe function of the next information is to assist the beginner do-it-yourselfer accomplish his/her first drywall restore, with minimal steps, tools and supplies. Since most of the houses I restore are within the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, I am going to focus this discussion towards conventional drywall, finished with a clean texture. If your own home’s walls are manufactured from plaster, I would not suggest attempting a repair your self. With plaster, it is best to leave it to a professional skilled.

After the drywall mud has dried, Use a ten or twelve inch drywall knife to coat around all sides of your drywall patch. Feather out the edges of the mud so that they blend properly with the encompassing area. Use at the very least two thin coats of drywall mud to coat over the top of your patch. In some cases, it may be finest to make use of … Read more